Civilian Crisis Response Team

The Civilian Crisis Response Team teaches members to be properly trained and equipped in case of emergencies and violence. Members receive great discounts on gear and training.

Founder JR Grounds requested a sophisticated solution to create freely accessible content as well as content exclusively available for members only. The site also had to process member sign ups, a store and online payments through paypal.

We have created a membership portal that filters the content shown based on membership level. Non members have access to general information about the organization only. CCRT members enjoy a fully equiped portal with a members only shop, blog, event and training schedule and more. Memberships can be purchased directly from the site and paid for through Paypal. The member data can be managed from the WordPress dashboard by site administrators.

The site was built upon Volts, a theme by quility theme developer Dany Duchaine. After the initial launch CCRT hired us to maintain and continously improve the website and membership portal.


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